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How to prolong the life of bamboo plywood?

  First, indoor dry humidity should be maintained. Although the dry bamboo processing, reduce the size of the change, but because of the bamboo is a natural material, so the bamboo will dry climate change with humidity and some deformation in the northern region; if the dry season, especially open heating, consumers can through different ways such as the use of humidity conditioning, humidifier or put a basin of water in the heating region; South to the rainy season, consumers should open the window to keep the room boring; together, in the indoor use of bamboo plywood should avoid contact with a lot of water, if the water spilled on the floor, should be promptly wiped clean.

  Secondly, avoid damaging the floor appearance. Bamboo veneer finish, should avoid the hard object impact, sharp scratch, metal friction etc.. Avoid dust, sand and other things into the room, which can be placed at the door of a doormat, but must adhere to the insole clean. Do not use nail tip material scraping bamboo appearance or wear shoes with metal nail into the room. It can wrap the foot of the furniture with some fiber fabric, so that it can make the furniture move more conveniently, and also make the furniture do not damage the floor.

  Finally, the floor should be cleaned correctly. In daily use process, adhere to the bamboo floor clean, clean, clean broom and mop net available, then use dry mop, usually with a soft cloth to wipe the floor can of course, can also be treated like carpet, remove the dust on the floor with a vacuum cleaner. According to the use of the situation, can be waxing every few years, adhere to the film surface smooth and bright. If the conditions permit, 2 to 3 months in the bamboo plywood surface wax once, so that the protection effect is better.

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