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How to use advanced bamboo plywood

  The basic use method of high grade bamboo board:

  Cutting drill: according to the scale of the plate, a reasonable cutting plan is made first. It is commonly used to mix proportioning with parallel lines. When sawing the plate, we should choose the "longitudinal and side saw machine" with double saws, choose circular alloy saw blade, 256 millimeters in diameter, 120 teeth, 3 millimeters thick, and rotate slowly at 4000 revolutions / points. Drill eyes, plate pad of wood. Can't punch holes.

  Edge painted eye: the cut edge, stacked vertically into a whole; to ash and water with a dry cloth, paint brush and side plate drilling more than two times with water and dry. Plate surface such as damage, clean brush paint, keep in mind! Standard: 2440x1220x10 ~ 12~15 mm.


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