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Love beautiful heart, all people have, the beauty is high! Good-looking! It is a topic of concern for modern people. It gradually expands to the appearance from the original inner beauty requirement. It shows that our requirements for aesthetics are more and more meticulous and more responsible for ourselves. Jitong board do leader for building template industry, the value of the control is very strict.

The mirror smoothness of the building template directly determines the construction effect. The face value of the mirror is very intuitive, depending on the application of the template and film covering technology we choose. The mirror effect is often the most intuitive and simple standard for us to choose the board.

The appearance of the building template is not only in the mirror, but also on its side, that is, the texture of the plate that we usually say.

Texture is the standard for judging the quality of building templates. The regular texture is clear and beautiful. It shows that the core board of the building template is first-order raw material with uniform size and thickness. The finished product is thin and uniform, not easy to be deformed and fractured.

The impact of the construction of building formwork to control, since we Jitong building template mirror beauty is there, for the construction, we will be more concerned about, we advocate building formwork construction effect from production to remain beautiful forever!

  The high value of the building template Yan Jitong, we have been respected, pretty is good building template directly, if the basic work is not beautiful, what about good products, not to mention the construction effect.




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