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Building templates save seven big tools to make your cost change.

In many construction sites, the use of templates will inevitably be wasteful, so the problem is whether this phenomenon must exist and how to minimize the waste. Today, we come together to listen to the most experienced carpenter to tell the 7 keys to template saving.

During the transportation of formwork, we should pay attention to prevent templates from being exposed to sunlight or rain. Plastic sheets and thin blankets can be used to cover the template, so as to avoid the deformation of the building template influenced by the natural environment during transportation, and affect the later stage use.

After unloading the building, the building formwork should be placed neatly on the flat ground, and the surface of the plate can not be directly contacted with the ground. The wood side will be separated from the floor to keep the formwork ventilation. Besides, we should cover up the well placed building templates, so as to prevent the template from aging due to exposure to sunlight.

The template should be cut according to the correct way when cutting the board, and the cutting tool should be selected reasonably. The cutting method should not be cut at will according to the operation manual.

After cutting and punching the building template, a special sealing lacquer shall be used to seal the incision so as to prevent the template from deforming because of water absorption.

If we want to nail the nails on the template, we must lay some suitable substrates on the bottom of the template to prevent the improper installation of the nails and cause the template to burst.

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